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Using systematic reviews in National Clinical Guidelines and Health Technology Assessment

This webinar describes how evidence from systematic reviews is used to inform National Clinical Guidelines (NCGs) and Health Technology Assessments (HTA) in Ireland.  NCGs are systematically developed statements, based on a thorough evaluation of the evidence. They are quality assured by the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee and endorsed by the Minster of Health. A HTA is a multidisciplinary research process that collects and summarizes information about a health technology, within HIQA these are undertaken to inform decisions on national-level programmes or investments e.g. recommending changing from cytology to HPV testing in CervicalCheck.

This webinar introduces the frameworks underpinning decisions in NCGs and HTAs focusing on how findings from systematic reviews (including clinical effectiveness, qualitative assessments and cost-effectiveness) are incorporated. Following the webinar attendees will be able to describe the basic principles involved in developing evidence based recommendations for NCGs, and incorporating evidence from systematic reviews into a HTA.

Shelley O’Neill leads the HRB-CICER team based in the Health Technology Assessment Directorate at the Health Information and Quality Authority in Ireland. The HRB-CICER team independently reviews evidence and provide scientific support for the development, by guideline development groups, of the National Clinical Guidelines in Ireland. She joined HIQA in September 2010 and was previously the Senior Health Economist in the Health Technology Assessment Directorate. Previously she worked in the NHS in England in various roles including Health Intelligence Manager and as a Senior Public Health Analyst. She was also a research associate in medical statistics at the University of Cambridge. Shelley holds a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics and an MSc in Statistics, and an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy

Presenter: Shelley O’Neill