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Evidence Synthesis Ireland Fellowship Scheme

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The overall objective of the Fellowship is to give the Fellow the opportunity to learn about evidence synthesis in general, as well as to develop the practical skills of how to plan, design, conduct and report an evidence synthesis. The scheme places Fellows virtually with experienced evidence synthesis centres and review teams in Ireland and internationally.

Reviews will be advertised each call. Fellows will receive structured theoretical training from ESI and join an existing or new review team being led by experienced reviewers within the respective centre to gain hands-on evidence synthesis experience in a high-quality environment. Fellows will also receive one-to-one mentorship from a designated mentor from the review group. This will afford the Fellow the opportunity of networking with a range of stakeholders in evidence synthesis and will provide direct experience for ESI Fellows in the conduct of evidence synthesis projects that ultimately inform decision making for clinical practice, health services and heath policy.
  • The opportunity to develop a variety of evidence synthesis methodology skills
  • Evidence synthesis experience without the need to manage or lead a review team
  • Free attendance at ESI evidence synthesis training workshops
  •  Access to Covidence software for the duration of the Fellowship
  • Co-authorship on high quality review reports/publications
  • Access to a €1000 bursary to support travel and/or dissemination
  • Mentorship in evidence synthesis from high-quality review teams
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with national and international experts

Where can I read about a Fellows experience? Read about ESI Fellow Ciara O’Meara’s experience to date here

Do I have to be resident of the island of Ireland? Yes, all applicants must be residents of either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

If I applied previously, can I use the same references Yes, we will hold references on file for two rounds

How many times a year will the call be announced? Up to three times a year – generally January, June and October, but these can vary depending on the availability of reviews.

Are these Fellowships paid? The Fellowships are unsalaried, which allows those working full-time to apply, and allows us to place Fellows with highly experienced evidence synthesis centres and review teams in Ireland and internationally for first-rate training and mentorship. Fellows receive access to a €1000 travel bursary, free attendance at ESI training events, co-authorship on high quality review reports/publications and other benefits as described in the guidance documents.

Where can I find the estimated start date and duration of the review? This information is found within each review form. Please note these will vary depending on the nature of the review, and flexibility may be required.

TitleTypeHost CentreMentor(s)Review Info
UCDValerie SmithThe effectiveness of care bundles for reducing caesarean section safelyEffectiveness reviewClick here
Unity Health TorontoAndrea Tricco, Areti Angeliki VeronikiMethod Scoping Reviews (PRISMA for NMAs and ScR, and Rapid Reviews)Scoping ReviewClick here
Evidence Synthesis IrelandDeclan Devane, Dr. Petek Eylul TaneriMonoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants and childrenSystematic Review and Meta-analysisClick here
RCSIBarbara Clyne, Edward W. GreggWHO Global Diabetes Compact Core Metrics: A Systematic Review of Prevalence.Systematic ReviewClick here

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