Evidence Synthesis Ireland


Transforming how we understand and share research

We’re committed to improving the way we gather, interpret, and share vast amounts of information, a process known as evidence synthesis. Our approach isn’t just about conducting research; it’s about improving the very methods we use to plan, conduct, and share the results of this process.

We work in many different research areas relevant to evidence synthesis and have a particularly strong focus on rapid reviews, knowledge translation and “studies within a review” (SWARs).

We provide evidence to support policy and practice, and we advocate for the use of high-quality evidence in policy development.


There remain uncertainties on many methodological aspects of how we plan, do and share evidence syntheses. Designing studies that evaluate evidence synthesis methodology is necessary to ensure that evidence synthesis is efficient and sustainable. Our ‘Studies Within A Review’ (SWAR) programme of research is an exciting way to evaluate alternative options when conducting a review process (e.g. study selection, data extraction, reporting the findings) to provide much-needed evidence about how these steps in the review processes can be improved. This has the potential to reduce research waste and improve the usefulness of systematic reviews.

Our Projects


We led the Priority III project, which gives a research agenda for primary methodology work on how we plan, do and share findings of rapid reviews. Parallel to this, we are exploring the views and experiences of public and patient involvement in the Priority III project.

World Health Organisation

Evidence Synthesis Ireland and Cochrane Ireland have and continue to produce evidence syntheses for the World Health Organisation.

EU Projects


Systematic Reviews Of Scientific Evidence On Vaccines And Capacity Building Activities for the EU Commission’s Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).


Vaccelerate is a clinical research network for the coordination and conduct of COVID-19 vaccine trials. 

Trial Forge

In collaboration with Trial Forge (lead – Aberdeen; collaborators Cochrane and Campbell Collaboration), we are developing a tool to operationalise the assessment of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in systematic reviews, which we hope will help ensure that evidence synthesis pays more attention to who is – and who isn’t – involved.


During COVID-19, we focused our resources on prioritised COVID-19 activities to support healthcare policy and practice decision making in Ireland and beyond.