• Writing a systematic review workshop

    This workshop provides authors, at the beginning of the Cochrane systematic review process, with an in-depth understanding of how Cochrane reviews are structured. It offers an insight to the development of a Cochrane pro…  [Read more]
  • Cochrane Review Completion Workshop

    This workshop aims to provide comprehensive support and practical assistance to authors in completing a Cochrane systematic review. Prior to attending the workshop, participants will be asked to identify and prioritise t…  [Read more]
  • Systematic Review Advanced Author Training

    This workshop provides authors, actively involved in conducting a Cochrane systematic review, with confidence to assess a wide range of data types. It offers an insight into more complex methods of meta-analysis. This wo…  [Read more]
  • Meta-analysis for Systematic Reviews

    This intensive and interactive workshop will cover a range of advanced issues in meta-analysis. It will explore the application of advanced meta-analytic methods including both conventional and network meta-analysis.  [Read more]
  • Search Techniques for Systematic Reviews and other Evidence Syntheses

    This workshop on systematic searching will be delivered over 2 days by Carol Lefebvre. Carol Lefebvre is an independent information consultant and was previously the Senior Information Specialist at the UK Cochrane Centr…  [Read more]
  • Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

    Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) is the broad term given to over 30 different methods of the synthesis of qualitative studies. By integrating or aggregating views across multiple qualitative studies, QES has the abil…  [Read more]
  • Mixed Methods Synthesis

    This two-day workshop will provide knowledge and practical experience of undertaking mixed-methods evidence synthesis. It will cover the underpinning logic of mixed-method evidence synthesis, the range of possible approa…  [Read more]
  • Evidence Synthesis for Informed Decision-Making

    This course will help to improve knowledge and awareness on evidence synthesis amongst service users, practitioners, investigators, policy makers and the public. The workshop will be pitched at an introductory level and…  [Read more]

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