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Synthesis Without Meta-analysis (SWiM) reporting guideline

Presented By: Ms Mhairi Campbell

This webinar presented the Synthesis Without Meta-analysis (SWiM) reporting guideline which aims to help transparent reporting of synthesis of intervention effects sizes when the synthesis does not use meta-analysis. The guidance was funded by the Cochrane Strategic Methods Fund and provides nine reporting items to promote transparent reporting of how studies are grouped, synthesis methods used, how data are presented, and summary of the synthesis findings.

Ms Mhairi Campbell is a systematic reviewer at the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow. Mhairi has broad experience of conducting complex systematic reviews, including qualitative evidence of policy interventions, review of theories, and research investigating narrative synthesis methods in public health systematic reviews. Mhairi was lead researcher and co-investigator on the SWiM guideline project.

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