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Sharing space at the research table – PPI in an evidence synthesis priority setting partnership

Presented By: Dr Nikita Burke, Maureen Smith, Andrew Worral

Public and patient involvement is well known in research where patients share their lived experience for a health-related study. However, the role of public and patients in methodology research is not clear. We explored public involvement in a priority-setting partnership in how we plan, do, and share the results of rapid reviews – the Priority III project. We wanted to do this to better support public involvement in future research. We explored the processes of Priority III and asked the members of the Priority III steering group for their views and experiences of public involvement in the project. We found three themes:

1: We all bring unique qualities to the table.

2: We need support and space at the table.

3: We all benefit from working together.

Communication and trust were found to be important across all themes. This webinar shared our findings which offer insight into what helped public involvement in this research context. We gave examples of practical actions and suggestions for future research.

Publication: https://doi.org/10.1186/s40900-023-00…


Dr Nikita Burke, Programme Manager, Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Maureen Smith, Public Co-author, Cochrane Consumer Network Executive, Ottawa, Canada

Andrew Worrall, Public Co-author, Evidence Synthesis Ireland and Staffordshire, Staffordshire, UK

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