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A Beginners Guide to Network Meta-Analysis

Through reference to a recently published example, this webinar will guide attendees through the steps of preparing and conducting a study involving network meta-analysis. It will highlight how network meta-analysis differs from traditional pairwise meta-analysis and how aspects of the systematic review process differ when it is applied to a study involving network meta-analysis. A number of freely available online tools which facilitate the process of conducting such a study will be introduced. By the end of the webinar, attendees will understand the kinds of questions which can be answered with network meta-analysis, the resources needed to undertake a network meta-analysis and the benefits and challenges of network meta-analysis in comparison to traditional pairwise meta-analysis.

Dr. Chris Noone is a lecturer in the School of Psychology at NUI Galway, where he primarily teaches methodology and statistics. Chris completed his PhD at NUI Galway in which he critically analysed claims regarding the effect of mindfulness meditation on critical thinking skills. He also holds a MSc in Applied Neuroscience from the Leiden University. He has contributed to research on a wide range of topics broadly related to health, wellbeing and cognition and works closely with the Health Behaviour Change Research group led by Prof. Molly Byrne and the MEDAL research group led by Dr Gerry Molloy. He is also Chair of the Research Sub-committee for the National LGBT Federation. Chris’s research focuses on health behaviour, LGBT+ health and cardiovascular health.

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