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Data sources and searching for Adverse Effects

Presented By: Dr Su Golder, Dr Yoon K Loke

The systematic evaluation of adverse effects can pose complex methodological challenges. In this webinar, the presenters covered the different sources of evidence for adverse effects, and the recommended methods for conducting systematic searches. They also presented the evidence to date on meeting the challenges of the retrieval of adverse effects data, and the different approaches to searching required for different types of interventions. The presenters discussed the strengths and weaknesses of particular techniques, as well as the inherent limitations of the data sources and (challengingly) diverse nature of adverse effects studies.

Dr Su Golder is Associate Professor within the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. She has a background as an information specialist with over 25 years’ experience in literature searching. She has specialist expertise in systematic review methodology, systematic reviews of adverse effects and using social media as a data source. She is currently an elective member of the Cochrane Methods Executive and one of the founders and co-convenors of the Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group.

Dr Yoon K Loke is Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of East Anglia, and Convenor of the Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group. He has extensive experience in conducting systematic reviews of adverse effects and is the senior author of Chapter 19 in the Cochrane Handbook of Systematic Reviews. His current work is focused on pharmacoepidemiological data and best methods of evaluating harmful effects of healthcare interventions.