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Advances in methods for overviews of reviews

Presented By: Dr Carole Lunny

Since 2018, significant methodological advances in how to conduct overviews of reviews have been published. This presentation briefly oriented participants to some of the guidance, tools and methods recently published on overviews of reviews. Dr Carole Lunny presented the methods work by her team on: (i) the prevalence of overviews, journal impact factors and number of citations, (ii) a taxonomy for categorising overviews with similar PICO eligibility criteria, (iii) how to handle overlap in primary study data across systematic reviews on the same topic, (iv) replication of the Jadad algorithm to assess discordance, (v) survey of decision makers to determine how they compare and choose amongst competing systematic review on the same topic, and (vi) development of the WISEST AI tool to automatically quality assess and compare the PICO, methods and results across systematic reviews on the same topic.

Dr Carole Lunny is a research methodologist with the Knowledge Synthesis Team, at Unity Health, University of Toronto, and is an affiliate with the Cochrane Hypertension Review Group at the University of British Columbia. She specialises in methods for research synthesis and critical appraisal. Her current research focuses on the development of a risk of bias tool for network meta-analyses, development of an algorithm to compare systematic reviews on the same question, and methods issues in overviews of reviews. She completed her PhD as a clinical epidemiologist at Cochrane Australia. Her list of publications can be found here.