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Julie Glanville – How to search PubMed effectively

This 40-minute online training session, hosted by Evidence Synthesis Ireland and presented by Julie Glanville, taught participants techniques for effectively searching PubMed. Julie explained how to find and use Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and demonstrated restricting searches to specific fields, truncation for searching word variations, phrase searching for multi-word concepts, the new proximity searching feature, creating saved searches, and exporting results. Overall, the webinar aimed to equip attendees with core skills for searching the PubMed database effectively.

Julie Glanville is a qualified librarian who has worked in systematic reviews for 30 years and is currently an independent consultant focusing on information retrieval for systematic reviews. Julie is a co-manager of SuRe Info and the ISSG Search Filter Resource. From 2008 to June 2020, Julie was Associate Director of York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) and coordinated its information and review services. Previously, Julie was Associate Director and Information Service Manager at the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD), University of York, for fourteen years. Julie is a co-convenor of the Cochrane Information Retrieval Methods Group and a co-author of the Cochrane Handbook chapter on searching for evidence.