Evidence Synthesis Ireland


Vaccelerate is a clinical research network for the coordination and conduct of COVID-19 vaccine trials. The network is comprised of academic institutions from all over Europe. ESI was awarded €200,000 over 3 years (University of Limerick, Pauline Meskell, with University of Galway Linda Biesty, Catherine Houghton and Declan Devane) to lead a Cochrane review titled “Factors that impact on recruitment to vaccine trials during a pandemic or epidemic: a qualitative evidence synthesis” and participate in the Steering group for COVID-NMA and deliver Cochrane reviews titled “Interleukin‐6 blocking agents for treating COVID‐19: a living systematic review” and “Interleukin‐1 blocking agents for treating COVID‐19″

Systematic Reviews Of Scientific Evidence On Vaccines And Capacity Building Activities for the EU Commission’s Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

This funded project supports the activities of the EU/EEA National Immunisation Technical Advisory Groups’ (NITAGs) in their decision-making on national vaccination programmes, including COVID-19 vaccines.

The consortium includes Cochrane Germany, Cochrane Austria, Cochrane Ireland, the Robert Kock Insitut and PWC.

Cochrane Ireland, through the University of Galway, was awarded €410,000 over 4 years to lead on (q) four evidence syntheses in the area of vaccines and/or EU/EEA vaccination programmes, and (b) developing and delivering an online training program on methodologies for assessing evidence and carrying out reviews, synthesis and evaluations and subsequent transformation into technical documents/guidance.