Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Priority III Question 5


What simplified or omitted methods of a systematic review (e.g., single versus dual screening of citations for inclusion, restrictions on types of studies included) are appropriate to apply in a rapid review, and what are the effects of these simplifications or omissions (e.g., effect on the methods, conclusions, funding available)?

  • “How much can be the methods be simplified/ omitted before relevant/ important evidence starts to be missed?”
  • “What do we lose (if anything) if we don’t do anything in duplicate?”
  • “Is it appropriate in the context of a rapid reviews to include only one researcher at every stage or how is the rigour of the review addressed?”
  • “What components/review tasks can be omitted from rapid reviews comparative to full effectiveness reviews and still maintain the integrity of the review (and confidence in the findings)”
  • “What elements are absolutely essential for a RR comparative to a systematic review – e.g., summary narrative results or meta-analysis?”