Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Priority III Question 1


What are the best approaches to identify people or groups who will use the results of a rapid review (e.g., stakeholders such as patients and the public, clinicians, policy makers), and how can they have meaningful (i.e., purposeful, relevant) involvement in planning and doing a rapid review, and in reporting and sharing the findings?

  • “It’s important to have a defined end user for the work that can help focus down the review onto the factors that matter most to them”
  • “It is critical to determine, at the planning stage, who the results of a rapid review is intended and how they can use it”
  • “If a rapid review was commissioned by a decision maker it would be helpful to know prior to carrying out the review what impact is the evidence from the review going to have. What is expected?”
  • “At which points are involving people who will use the review particularly helpful in shaping the review?”
    “How can researchers and patients engage effectively to co-design and co-produce a rapid review?”