Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Dr Richard Lombard Vance

Dr Richard Lombard Vance
Campbell UK & Ireland, Queens University Belfast

A systematic review of resilience measures and their psychometric properties

Richard is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Psychology and Assisting Living and Learning Institute, Maynooth University. His research interests include cognitive, psychosocial, and participatory processes and outcomes in health, disability, rehabilitation, and enablement, how behaviour and environment interface with participatory healthcare, and evidence synthesis. He completed his PhD in neuropsychology and prosthetic and psychosocial rehabilitation outcomes for people with amputations at Dublin City University. He has subsequently worked as a lecturer and as a post-doctoral researcher on a range of projects, such as an evidence review of de-congregation for people with intellectual disabilities at Trinity College Dublin. At Maynooth, he has worked on psychological aspects—PROMs, cognition, behaviour—of projects focused on ageing and assistive technology.

He is delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Campbell UK & Ireland Team as an Evidence Synthesis Ireland Fellow, and to develop knowledge and skills in evidence synthesis.