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Ciara Gleeson

Ciara Gleeson
Cochrane Airways Australia

Pulmonary Rehabilitation For Adults With Asthma

Ciara Gleeson has over 20 years clinical experience as a physiotherapist. She works as a Clinical Specialist in the multidisciplinary Respiratory Assessment Unit in St. James’s Hospital Dublin. The service offers comprehensive chronic respiratory disease care from exacerbation through to stable disease management including the delivery of a hospital-based PR programme.

Ciara has a postgraduate Diploma in Statistics and a MSc Physiotherapy both from Trinity College Dublin (TCD). She has led initiatives such as a joint Hospital/ community based PR programme and lectured at undergraduate and postgraduate level in TCD on chronic respiratory disease management. She has clinical audit and research skills along with experience in the dissemination of research findings at national and international conferences. She looks forward to developing skills in evidence synthesis and the fantastic mentorship opportunity with the high quality review team that this Fellowship offers.