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Evidence Ambassador for World Evidence Based Healthcare Day

Evidence Synthesis Ireland is proud to be an Evidence Ambassador for World Evidence Based Healthcare Day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of developing rapid evidence-informed responses and ensuring the best available evidence is accessible, transparent and understood. The rapid response
of the global evidence community has been important and necessary. However, it has been accompanied by the exponential production of misinformation. The sheer volume of information – some accurate, some not – and the number of ways to access it, has created an infodemic.

The overabundance of COVID-19 information is amplified through social media, and spreads like a virus, making it difficult for people to find evidence-based, trustworthy guidance when they need it.

In 2021, the campaign for World EBHC Day @WorldEBHCDay supports the efforts of the World Health Organization @who to manage the infodemic by exploring the role of evidence in an infodemic, in particular promoting access to trustworthy, evidence-informed health information.

Find out more and join the campaign. Go to https://worldebhcday.org #WorldEBHCDay #EvidenceFirst #infodemic

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