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Evidence Syntheses

Evidence Synthesis Ireland (ESI), which hosts Cochrane Ireland, aims to make evidence syntheses more usable in every sense of the word – better designed, conducted and reported, more useable for decision-makers and more usable within health care policy and clinical practice decision making across the island of Ireland and beyond.

What We Do

Provide Training

We provide education for researchers, clinicians, the public and policymakers who conduct or use evidence syntheses.

Build Capacity

We build capacity in planning, doing and sharing evidence syntheses through Fellowships, workshops and scholarships.

Advance Knowledge

We advance the way we plan, do and share the results of evidence synthesis by finding out how to do these steps better.

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Upcoming training
Our training streams include qualitative evidence synthesis, scoping reviews and rapid reviews, Cochrane methodology, mixed methods and more

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Evidence Synthesis Ireland Fellowship Scheme

The innovative ESI Fellowships give Fellows the opportunity to learn about evidence synthesis, with hands-on experience of how to plan, design, conduct and report an evidence synthesis. Fellows are placed virtually with world-class evidence synthesis centres and review teams in Ireland and internationally, on policy and practice relevant reviews.


Transforming how we understand and share research

We’re committed to improving how we gather, interpret, and share vast amounts of information, a process known as evidence synthesis. Our approach isn’t just about conducting research; it’s about improving the very methods we use to plan, conduct, and share the results of this process.

We work in many different research areas relevant to evidence synthesis and have a particularly strong focus on rapid reviews, knowledge translation and “studies within a review” (SWARs).

“ Reporting on health care topics can rely too much on asking experts or reporting the results of a single study…what would be much more useful to members of the public, especially when it comes to making decisions about their own health, is for people to understand how to situate health claims in the global body of evidence. “

Professor Declan Devane
Director of ESI and Cochrane Ireland