Dr Mairead Furlong
Dr Mairead Furlong
Position: Teaching Faculty

Dr Mairead Furlong, Centre Leader at the Centre for Mental Health and Community Research in Maynooth University, works with the statutory and community/voluntary sector to co-develop, implement and evaluate interventions to improve mental health outcomes of vulnerable children and families. Her research involves working with: children whose parent(s) have mental illness; maltreated children; children and mothers recovering from domestic violence/abuse, among other populations. Research methodologies include: impact evaluations, qualitative, implementation and economic analyses.

Dr Furlong has led/co-authored several Cochrane and Campbell reviews, primarily in relation to family-focused interventions. Her HRB-funded Cochrane review of parenting programmes for child behavioural problems (published in 2012) has been widely cited in scientific journals and national and international policy documents. From 2015-2017, she was elected Co-Chair of the Campbell Collaboration Social Welfare Co-ordinating Group. In her work with Cochrane, Campbell and PRISM, she has trained hundreds of researchers/clinicians in Ireland (and elsewhere) in systematic review methodology.

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